Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I'm embarrassed to admit that I've been absent mainly due to forgetting my sign in information.  When I set this up something happened where my intended e-mail couldn't be used.  It is because of two YouTube accounts I have that are linked to Google, and the wrong one somehow became attached to this blog.  It's kind of a huge mess.  From what I understand I would have to buy the domain name in order to change it now.  I'm not at that point quite yet!
So now that I've spent a good chunk of my morning trying every combination of e-mail addresses and passwords I can imagine to log in, hopefully this will be done more often!
I've been letting my work saturate my free time.  And don't get me wrong, I love that!  But the computer work that I also have to do is a considerable portion of it as well.  My desktop is upstairs in an "office", which is a bedroom where our tortoises and lizards are, as well as a closet with my husband's clothes.  I would put my work aside to go check on Etsy and Artfire, check my forum and fan page, as well as edit photos and post listings.  This could take hours at a time!  So I asked my husband to consider moving the desktop downstairs, so I could just step away for a moment.  He didn't care for this idea, and he had just bought himself a new Playstation and said I could purchase myself something at equal cost.  Originally I couldn't think of anything I'd spend the money on, and then I realized I could get a laptop.  So after some research and justification (I tend to feel guilty about things like this!) I'm now writing to you from my brand new laptop.  I just got it last night and went through myself and removed the bloatware and installed my anti-virus.  (Best Buy wanted to charge me $70 and have me wait until tomorrow to get it!!!) I haven't even peeled the screen protector sheet off yet.  I've never had a laptop and it is still so exciting to me.  What's nice is now I can use it for PayPal at craft shows that have Wi-Fi instead of paying for a knucklebuster and a percentage for credit cards. 
I'm also glad to be able to access everything while not leaving my work, so I can do a little bit at a time when needed.  Let's hope the keyboard isn't covered in paint by week's end!

I woke up to an incredible number of views and hearts on one of my items.  It isn't generally one of the more popular ones, so I looked into it further.  It was featured on the front page of Etsy at 4am!  I haven't been featured on the front page yet.  This is one of the most fun aspects of what I've been doing, there is an element of surprise that really keeps me motivated.
It's such a great feeling to get an e-mail to my phone stating there has been a purchase, and sometimes I get that when I need it most.  I've only been on Etsy since July, so I have long periods of low views and as of today I only have 14 sales.  But I really love it and every month seems better thant he last.